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Wolf Name - early 1900s

rare picture of Indians: Wolf Name. It was made between 1905 and 1945 by Harris & Ewing.

Ghost Bear - Crow Indian

Here for your consideration is an imposing picture of Ghost Bear. He is a Crow Warrior. The picture was taken in Montana and shows the Indian in Full War Bonnet. It was created in 1908 by Edward S.

Dull Knife, Cheyenne Chief, 1873

Dull Knife, Cheyenne Chief, 1873

Incredible, and still they don't have the right to vote!

Native America's Timeline, the last one about living anywhere they would like is alittle misleading since most stay on the reservations or nations for health care, family, lack of money to go anywhere else, many different reasons that the families are sti

2 Crow Girls & a dog. Montana. Early 1900s.

Two Crow girls and a dog. Early Photo by Richard Throssel. Source - University of Wyoming, American Heritage Cente

North America

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Old Pictures of Native American in Early 1900s

dramatic photo of Bull Chief, an Indian Warrior. It was made in 1908 by Edward S. The illustration documents this Indian in a head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front. He is wearing a buffalo headdress with horns.