The content is mostly North and South America and Africa with the rest of the world fairly represented. Neither time nor space concern me, so you'll find plenty of old b&w shots mixed with everything.

Sioux 'Plenty Wounds' 1901 - Gertrude Käsebier

American Indian Plenty Wounds, ca. Plenty was likely a member of of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show when his picture was taken by Gertrude Käsebier.


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Eagle Dog, Yankton Sioux 1905

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1906 Yellow Eye ~Hunkpapa Lakota Indian ~Sitting Bull Informant ~F. Fiske Photo

1906 Yellow Eye ~Hunkpapa Lakota Indian ~Sitting Bull Informant ~F. Fiske Photo

One Bull

Native American Indian - Old Photos Tatanka Wajila (aka One Buffalo Bull, aka…

Native American Indian

Kicking Bear (March 1846 – May also called Matȟó was an OglalaLakota who became a band chief of the Miniconjou Lakota Sioux