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golden zebra | Cool Pictures*: Meet Zoe the Golden Zebra

An incredible zebra, (called Zoe), was born with gold stripes and blue eyes.

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The elephant "car wash" is positively awesome! Actually this is a photograph of an elephant spraying zebras with water to keep them away from the waterhole. Amazing shot of a South Africa or Cape Town Safari

Rare Colored Zebras

Rare Colored Zebras

Rare Colored Zebras This picture from Tanzania seems to show an unusual zebra with narrow stripes, a mainly while body and black mane.

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Brown stripes are natural among newborn zebras; they turn black between 9 and 18 months old.

A Grant’s Zebra was born Saturday, July 31 at the Kansas City Zoo to Mom, Jet, and Dad, Zanthus. She has brown stripes instead of black and weighed in at 79 pounds. Brown stripes are natural among newborn zebras;

Zebras graze on William Randolph Hearst’s property, where Rocky Mountain elk also can be seen, both of which were introduced by Hearst. Along the coast, California sea otters can be viewed, most notably from the bluff-top boardwalk at Moonstone Beach.

Blauert on Outdoors: Cambria-San Simeon area – wine, art, zebras and scarecrows;

Closeup of a Grevys Zebra's Legs Photographic Print by Tim Laman at Art.com

Closeup of a Grevys Zebra's Legs

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The reason I pined this zebra picture was because even though their stripes are not all the same shape and same sizes they always go black and white which makes the colours repetitive

zebra voices: chers amis à rayures...

World's Cutest Baby Wild Animals Awww. horses Zebras by Susan Michel