[Plenty Wounds, American Indian]

American Indian Plenty Wounds, ca. Plenty was likely a member of of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show when his picture was taken by Gertrude Käsebier.

.Beautiful (vintage?) photo with no further information.

Indian faces - Lakota Sioux Cheyenne Mescalero Apache Arapaho Crow Pawnee Blackfoot - i have never seen eyes so strong


Tull Chee Hah, an Indian Warrior, photographed in 1905 by Edward S. The photograph presents Half-length portrait of man facing front.

Good Fox - Pawnee – 1902

Ke-Wa-Ko (Good Fox), Pawnee, in Partial Native Dress with Peace Medal, Breastplate and Ornaments and Holding Fan - Gill - FEB 1902