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At Thanksgiving, let's present additional high quality coloring pages for the kids that picture more about real-life American History than they may have been taught in school. We know that there were no such things as .

Quote by Sitting Bull. One of the best history books I have ever read was "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" by Dee Brown.  To find the true history of our country, you should read the book.

Sitting Bull (Tatanka lyotanka) historical leader of the Hunkpapa band of Lakota Sioux Indians. There won't be anything here for our children unless you wake up AMERICA! Muslims are taking over this country.

Nez Perce

Nez Perce boy named Elijah Williams, also known as Charging Hog, Colville Indian Reservation, Washington, ca. god I want to squeeze this adorable child)

Salish chief Eagle with a golden eagle headdress

NA Indian * Chief Eagle ~ Salish chief; wore a headdress of highly prized golden eagle feathers, which signify that he was oiutstanding in battle. A complete tail of twelve eagle feathers could be traded for a pony ~ Artist by: steeelll *

Untitled (Smoking Cigarette) by Museum of Photographic Arts Collections, Hail Stone (aka Stump Horn Bull, aka Spotted Horn Bull) - Crow - circa Taken by Richard Throssel,

Native American Indian, Photo on Canvas, western home decor, 20"x16"

Native American Indian, Photo on Canvas, western home decor, 20"x16"

Here for your perusal is a collectible photograph of Pretty Paint. It was created in 1905 by Edward S. The photograph illustrates Pretty Paint, Crow man, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right.