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Seriously!!!!! Thats how I am , one time I asked my friend to hand me ross

I named my highlighters after each of them freshman year😂😂 (Ryland had to get orange *shrug*)

but I've always been like that way even before they were a band......  I guess that means I was meant to be a part of the #R5FAMILY ☺☺☺☺

and since I will marry Ross in my dream life this will be my family.

dude ,I hear this all the time from certain people at school . they should see this .#R5

Okaay so Austin & Ally isnt the greaattest point cuz the show is fricking awful.

For like ten seconds was like all most crying but then I saw it was a joke true story lol

Don't be scared when you see this on TV. I promise, I will feed him ;))) Or should I kidnap Riker. Oh, I'm so confused!

Ross let md explain the reason all the girls L♡VE  you is because your so cute your personality is awesome plus your single!

Omg I luv riker but my bff and I agreed he is hers and ross is mine

Yup and Dez's face was totally me when it came.

Yup and Dez's face was totally me when it came. Ross's face wolf be my friends lol