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Leafpool by Vialir

Leafpool, a medicine cat of ThunderClan. She had to give up her role as medicine cat for awhile after everyone found out that she mothered Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf.

Fallen Leaves by Vialir on deviantART

Drowned in tunnels a long time ago. Fell in love with a living ThunderClan she-cat Hollyleaf.

Warrior Cats Quiz, Secrets, etc. - Quiz Question #1 #wattpad #fanfiction

Warrior Cats Quiz, Secrets, etc. - Quiz Question #1

Spottedleaf: ThunderClan Medicine cat before Yellowfang and Cinderpelt, killed by Clawface in the camp, an killed by Mapelshade in StarClan, Loved Firestar deeply she didn't want to leave him

Brightheart is beautiful, understand?! SHE IS BEAUTIFUL

Some more Warriors fan art. Here's how I imagine Brightheart from Thunderclan. I just had to draw her, she's so adorable and definitely one of my favour.

Tallstar fighting a hawk to save kits. Awwww

Talltail(Tallstar) catches and kills the hawk to protect Flykit(the white one) and Wrenkit. Warriors: Tallstar catches the hawk


Breezepelt A Warrior in WindClan. Son of Crowfeather and Nightcloud and half brother of Hollyleaf Lionblaze and Jayfeather.

I think Lionblaze made the right decision to leave Heathertail because it could've caused a lot of trouble. She's still a great she-cat though!

Heathertail A Warrior in WindClan. She showed him the secret tunnels but Lionblaze thought it would be best if the stopped seeing each other because it was against the warrior code.

Thistleclaw (Warrior, mentored Tigerstar) Of dark forest, formerly of Thunderclan.

Thistleclaw (Warrior, mentored Tigerstar) of dark forest, formerly of Thunderclan.