Utforsk disse og flere idéer!

What argument?! LOL!
I have the most persistent and determined little boy ever!! That is going to take him somewhere one day!!!!!
Their toys is the only thing they know oh so well
Their kids were loud and misbehaving in the car until they tried this...
so true!
Dear Diamond, We all know who is really a Girl's Best Friend. Your Sincerely, Chocolate Cake ~ Joke All You Can
funny mom quotes...hahaha...both of mine are my fave @Chris Helm
Moms are usually right, and even when they're not they are acting to protect you or help you grow up to be a responsible person or spouse.... http://weddingmusicproject.bandcamp.com/album/brides-guide-to-classical-wedding-music
The only time I was ever wrong was when I Said I was wrong, but I was really right. Mwahahaha!