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Photo of vespa antik Taman Prestasi

eco friendly scooter! Do you own one?

Driving a Vespa is definitely a whole lot about style,'' she explained. The Vespa was the very first globally prosperous scooter. A scooter is the fin.

I'm super happy becuz I looked up the age requirement to drive a Vespa in Spain and it's 14 which is good becuz we'll be getting there in August, and we prob won't be able to afford it until my bday next May.

Vespa vintage - Motori italiani - Magasins Paris

VESPA~Love the red in this scooter. In the late and early there was a real push for this style of scooter customised paintwork with lots of amazing scoots done with top class paint jobs.

)))))scooters((((( Let's go for a ride!

These photos are of my two orange Vespas (well, I still own one of them, the SHINY, older, Vespa Sprint). These photos were taken just before I sold the Orange PX in order to buy my BMW Aren't they a lovely pair! Orange is the only colour Vespa to have!

Vespa Mini 50s. for my vision board. and in front of my house for my birthday.

lyonheart k _robert palm Vespa Mini Bugatti , The Brand Of fastest Sports Cars 1955 Mercedes-Benz Gullwing