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Mane six as greek godesses. I wanna see then in percy jackson!

The Olympians, my little pony style. Oh gods, I'm kinda nervous as to what their reaction will be for this. (Personally I think Luna and Celestia have to be Apollo and Artemis!

When two friends collide.

How friendship starts by *doubleWbrothers on deviantART Vinyl and Octavia

Today I my mom asked for a muffin and I said "Of course I'll derp you a muffin" and then I forgot the napkin and said, "I just don't know what went wrong."

Let the Games Begin

This looks like a fun game :). I was a bit worried that if I pinned this Mom and Dad would figure it out and I couldn't play it successfully, but Points are TRIPLED if they're Bronies, too, so this should help, and There's always school!

Princess Gaia, the Life Warder by JaDeDJynX

Shoutout to Asani Lynn Macia - I absolutely adore your pony pic!

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Chrystal blossom waited 2 months to be adopted. Is Adopted.

Chrystal blossom waited 2 months to be adopted. Waiting To be adopted, more importantly, waiting to be your new friend.adopted by sunset luna