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15 Hilarious Signs You’re a Christian Girl in College

A shout-out to all the girls living for Christ on the college campus! These 15 hilarious memes go out to you.

This is cute.......I don't bring mine though, I have one at church and sever at home too!

Exclusive! How To Use Sugaring Paste Tutorial instructions

The most common question that is asked me about sugaring paste? "Does it work?" or “How does it work?” or “How do you do it?” I also get “(whilst giving me a look like Whatchu talkin bout Willis?) Use sugar to remove my hair?

Has it been a long week? Take a break and laugh with us at this week’s Christian meme roundup!

11 New Christian Memes to Laugh at This Week!

Honestly when this happens or when he worships rly hard I'm just like, "Lord, he's a good one"

Dudes be like: "I'm Spiritual"...

Funny Little Girl Dudes be like “I’m spiritual” I be like “Demons are spirits too, be more specific”

Nope, not stealing MY joy, not today!! #denied #stiffarm

Not today, devil! Tomorrow either! Can't nobody steal what God gave me!

Lol!!! Yes!!!

I wanna tell you so much shit and fuck you up but then i remember im a changed person.

Ah this is perfection it's overwhelming how God just does the little things when you ask him he is amazing

“Last minute papers due, finals coming up, lowkey becomin broke from food & fun, studying but can't focus”