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I would probably take their hands out of curiosity... Would they kill me? Would they take me back to my house? Kidnap me? See, I'm just that curious to know, and that's probably a bad thing.

I'd take Toby's. I'd slaps clockwork's. I'd back the fuck away from Slenderman 'cause he's scary af.


Masky:who says your the favorite proxy? Toby:everyone who knows you're not a proxy because they watch Marble Hornets! Masky:forget you man.

Creepy pasta party

This is too dumb to put on the Creepy board *_* Creepypasta party! but I found this hilarious, oh me and my messed up mind :p

Goddammit Jeff

Goddammit Jeff

XD im sorry im so sorry ^^^ This would actually be true.except I wouldn't have the gun XD

Lol ...XD. Anyone want to date them?i would date Ben

he has no facial emotion.I want to hug him. The other not hug the too? *hugs all three* pls dont rape me 😂