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haha I can imagine Jeff trying to get into someones house during Christmas time and then getting tangled in their lights while trying to sneak around the house XD

Sleep..... Me: Heck no!

I yelled this at someone who was picking on me at school and they just backed away slowly and it was the funniest shit I've ever seen 🤣

Me:I am going to have to agere with masky on this one. I do not want to die when slenderman finds out so I am living now and I am playing my  so bye. Masky: I am with you because I do not to die for slenderman.

You guys,Toby made s'mores. You all know you want s'mores.<<<<<<<<<<<< WHAT IS A S'MORE?<<<<<<<<<heaven<<<Dude, I would start a forest fire for s'mores!

Lauhing Jack: The meme. by CrazyHermine on DeviantArt

I made another meme. Lauhing Jack: Cosplay: I fergot, sorry! Edit: Sugest your ideas! -No one is going to sugest something. Lauhing Jack: The meme.

I know this is Marble Hornets but I'm pinning it on my creepypasta board because I don't know where else to put it

I've watched this marble hornets entry and so now i feel rlly accomplished with myself

cooking sllleeeennndddyyyy!!!

ummm Jeff you're doing it wrong Jeff: no I'm not Selnder: Katie help Jeff