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"Harry Potter" Schoolmates: Then and Now

"Harry Potter" Schoolmates: Then and Now

Here's What The Young Supporting Cast Of "Harry Potter" Are Up To Now - Oh My God. Bill Weasley is that guy from The Force Awakens! I love both movie series but I had no idea.

Read J.K Rowling’s Hand-Written Plan For “Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Rowling's Plot Spreadsheet This one is from Order of the Phoenix. A spreadsheet plot written out by J. Her approach to spreadsheet plotting is to divide the columns by chapter number, story timeline, chapter title, main plots and subplots.

Muggle classes may be closer to the wizardry world than most people usually think. Here is an infographic that links Hogwarts classes to their potential real life equivalents.

harry ron mione ginny fred'n'george luna draco severus etc etc

Harry Potter Manga ~ love all the character representations. I would be so happy if there was ever an official Harry Potter anime.

Yoooo ... momma ... (Harry Potter Style)

harry and Voldemort yo mama jokes is just to funny, not quite sure why but I can't stop laughing<<<<wrong form of to, support to be too

his fucking face in the seconds picture tho im crying

Proactive, now with a special formula that eliminates dark marks! So if you regret joining the dark side for cookies, use Proactive!

fred and george look the same as when they wer kids

Harry Potter actors: then and now… There has to be magic behind this. Not for Dan though. His expression is exactly the same. <<< Did anyone notice how hot Seamus got? Like, oh my wizard god, guys.<<ik Devon Murray is .

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Funny pictures about 14 Years Since The First Harry Potter Movie. Oh, and cool pics about 14 Years Since The First Harry Potter Movie. Also, 14 Years Since The First Harry Potter Movie photos.

Top 20 Very Funny Birthday Quotes

Top 20 Very Funny Birthday Quotes

We even made Death Eater cupcakes! They taste like strawberry and death. So funny!

10 points to Gryffindor!

Dumbledore: Screwing Slytherin since 1997 <---I would like to point out that technically book one takes place in So. Screwing Slytherin since