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I have to remember I'm molding my boys into men. But I guarantee i am a better option then there dad. My boys know who has their back and is always there for them.

Helicopter parenting won't teach our kids how to handle challenges and live independently....

Teach your kids how to face challenges. Before u know it, they will be an Adult and may not want to hear anymore💞 valuable lessons.

Mums are the firsts of everything for their young men.

So true. I never felt much fear until I knew what it felt like to be without our baby girl for a whole week, every other week!

Fact... To my 4 babies Momma will always LOVE you!! You have been through some tough times but have managed you 4 are my world my heart my soul!! You are the reason I wake up everyday!!!

My kids are my life! I love them dearly and couldn't imagine life without them. They will forever come FIRST in my life.

Thank you !! I'm truly blessed!! ❤️❤️ #lovemyboys #blessedmom #LatinaStrong #momsonBond

Strength, Courage, and solidarity are not options in this house. We have two children one in Heaven and the other my sweet rainbow.anytime I feel weak my son reminds me, she (Annabelle) loves us