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Sadly its true..... us international army only get to see them on screen thats about it

They say that international ARMY is more into the concerts

The accuracy is startling. We got Jimin standing there looking done, Taehyung going crazy in his white hoodie and Jungkook on the couch away from them

Don't know where they are/what's going on, literally going up the walls and always always hitting each other. Yup that's about right. I love these three boys.

I really love this fam keep voting for our boys armys!!

All my army's who yo favorite suga girl suga or boy suga

Gente, sinceramente... Acho que é com esse pensamento que quando um idol mostra suas imperfeições as fans ficam bravas ou indignadas, gente... Não existe ninguém perfeito... Ele é lindo! Lindo mesmo! Mas ninguém ninguém mesmo é perfeito.

i love this cuz he's performing "perfect man" here, and it is true Jimin is perfect like what you talking bout teacher?

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Why are there so many bts memes with a hashtag to stan Monsta X? People complain all the time that ARMYs post on other people's stuff not relating to BTS, and yet Monsta X fans can do it and it's fine?