Clary// I was at a restaurant when you sat in front of me "what do you want?"

(open) Cassidy~ I sit at the bar texting. I had a shift at the club soon so I decided to stop by for a drink first.

Al fin le quitaron el vigote de pirata a mi #Magnus @HarryShumJr !!! #Shadowhunters

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Clary Magnus and Jace // The Mortal Instruments // Shadowhunters // ABC Family // Shadowhunters TV Series<<< Jace is like "What the hell man, you are stealing my girl and my scene"

Cosas que probablemente no sabes o hayas olvidado de la serie «Shadow… #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

Shadowhunters facts

So, Kat. Clary and Alec have had kind of a tumultuous relationship, kind of a cross between a brother and a sister, slash romantic rivals in a way.