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10 Signs You’re a Redhead at Heart: The Tell-Tell Signs Whether Your Hair is Red, Brown or Blonde

'I can't wait to show my tan from the beach to everyone!' Said no Ginger Ever. Bahahahaha to all the gingers in my life!


I'm not pale. It's called porcelain and I'm rocking it. So please stop telling me I need a tan!

Fritz Willis.

Rascal pick - Red on the head, Fire in the bed, Blazed in your soul.

Redhead Quotes - Everything for Redheads | Everything for Redheads

celebrating the positive sides of being a Redhead - so we've created a few with our favourite redhead quotes in pictures

Yep. It's especially bad because my eyebrows are a really deep sort of auburn but my hair is red.

It's a ginger thing # When you feel extremely offended whenever someone thinks you're not a natural redhead.

World domination, one redhead at a time.


Its not easy being ginger hair interesting red head history ginger facts infographic