Cartier constellation jewelry. Libra fashion ring.  #libra #constellations

The Libra ring from Cartier, see them all and the best astrological jewelry at Star Sign Style.

Cartier - Twelve Constellation Series Rings. Taurus

Cartier Luxury Twelve Constellation Design Diamond Rings - The Beauty and Charms of Fashion Jewelry

Chanel “Constellation du Lion” ring in 18-karat white gold set with 157 brilliant-cut diamonds for a total weight of 1.9 carat, a 1.5-carat round-cut diamond and a 91-carat fancy-cut (lion-shaped!) crystal.    Via The Jewellery Editor.

{Gorgeous Ring Constellation du Lion Ring by Chanel Chanel 'Constellation du Lion' ring in white gold, set with 157 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling a round-cut diamond and a fancy-cut crystal.


Chanel Joaillerie a crescent moon brooch set with oval Sapphires highlighted by a shooting star set with brilliant-cut Diamonds.

Ring | BARBARA SCHULTE-DE Hengesbach.  "Rose".  750 Gold

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