Batman vs. Superman by Mike S. Miller *

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vintagegal: “ Adam West and Yvonne Craig in a publicity photo for the Batman TV series ”

Batman in the flashpoint suit.

Feels like the Hispanic 'why not both' girl slapped my face with this. Maybe I'll just use the tactical suit as the flashpoint suit lol Edit by Omg

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Batman Vs. Superman

Batman vs Superman by German Peralta - some of the great art I've seen like this makes me hopeful for a really cool film. Bats needs to put Superman in his place after the events of MoS!

BRUCE WAYNE - Batman v SupermaN Poster Art, Sadece Kaan on ArtStation at

Ben Affleck is working on a solo Batman movie script with Geoff Johns! Grayson (Art by Sadece Kaan) by comix_world

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice by Harijs Grundmanis - Home of the Alternative Movie Poster -AMP-

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