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Very deep and meaningful. Original pinner says; Full Metal Alchemist every time I someone disses anime I always say "well oh yeah, what moral values does your favorite movie or tv show have?

Fear Izumi Curtis... :) ->  what nut job thinks Izumi is scarier than freaking Riza Hawkeye? They're both scary in a breathtakingly-badass way.

"FMA, la seul fois ou une femme au foyer est plus effrayante qu'un sniper"

Ling/Greed(a.k.a. Quinton McFarland) is the coolest homunculus. Just kidding. Envy is the coolest.

Ling/Greed is the coolest homunculus. Envy is the coolest. Greed is the hottest

Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood truth Edward winry hoenheim greed lust our father homunculus envy hawkeye mustang Alphonse