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I know it's not hetalia, but lmfao

The Incredible Canada - "That's my secret, eh. I'm always playing hockey."<--- People better remember Canada now

photo is of a cartoon about the Strategic Defense Initiative. The SDI was a concept designed by Reagan that would use lasers to destroy any incoming missiles. The idea was so bizarre to most people that it was nicknamed Star Wars.

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As a man, I assume this is legit --> *facepalm*

As a man, I assume this is legit

Lonely Russiaball by 1gga

So much land, enemies of motherland never sleep, no time to make friends.

Poke | Polandballs Countryballs

Chinaball Loves to Poke (not for Tibet plox or it will burn)

Poor polandball ;( <---Italy looks like he is about to make the loser group take a stand. Those eyes just say, "I hate you all." <<< I am from the Netherlands XD :')

Poor polandball ;(

Poor poland (Italy looks like he is about to make the loser group take a stand.

How quickly we forget ....  Thank you, France, and all our other Allies, for your sacrifices.  We came late, but we were honored to help.

Today we remember the 10 millions people who were lying dead after 4 years of war. Rest in peace whoever you were.

Kinda cute, tho

r/polandball Roll picture, that is the next thing you will eat or drink.

Franceball canot into hapi

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