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You don't have a right to my private life

Christian Grey- see just his facial expressions. He can be seductive and scared and happy and mad. And can switch. He is the perfect Christian grey!

I used to think life was fair, and then I saw Matt Bomer and found out he had a husband and three kids..

If you've watched Bomer slink around Manhattan as the gorgeous and charming Neal Caffrey on his show "White Collar" it becomes very clear why he is a fan favorite. Look at that face. The camera loves this man! He is Christian Grey!

Willie Garson, White Collar Season 4 Promo by Nigel Parry

Mozzie, White Collar, the best con man to ever live. (aka the Dentist of Detroit)



Matt and willie at alliance for children's rights dinner.... April 2014.

Matt Bomer Attends The Alliance For Children’s Rights Dinner Socialite Life

Matt Bomer

20 momentos hot de Matt Bomer

Willie Garson - White Collar

Mozzie’s allegiances hasn't stopped him from using his gifts to help Peter and the FBI. View all images of Mozzie played by Willie Garson.