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'Wake Up! Wake Up! You sleepy head!' I used to sing that to my own children!

Close up view of a crowing rooster- handsome fellow! The best alarm clock…

Roosters are so beautiful.  They have natural confidence and attitude.  Men take note.

A rooster, also known as a cockerel or cock, is a male galinaceous bird. The term usually refers to a male chicken. Immature male chickens less than one year old are called cockerels. This rooster is from Riverdale Farm, Toronto

Colorful birds - Rooster - Impressive capture.

emblem of watchfulness and vigilance. In paintings, when the cock stands near the figure of St peter, it expresses his denial and subsequent repentance. In this connection, the cock also has become one of the symbols of the Passion.

Unbelievable...all that is wonderous is found in nature. This is a Silver-Laced Sebright Bantam - Picture courtesy of Mark Robinson, UK. I googled this to be sure it was real!

malformalady: “ A Silver-Laced Sebright Bantam hen. There are two types of Sebright bantams; the gold-laced and the silver-laced bantam. The former have, as their name indicates, a pure golden color;

Not a USC GAMECOCK but he is beautiful, isn't he?

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a rare breed of chicken from Vietnam called the Dong Tao Ga Ho.

This chicken one of the rarest breeds in the world and were only owned by kings and emperors.A true dinosaur on the brink of extinction. They will soon be introduced to the USA. Ladys and gentlemen, meet the Dong Tao Ga Ho!

Buff Laced Polish Rooster.  He looks like mine :)

Hi and welcome to the buff polish and laced contest! here you can enter your buffy birds, laced birds, and polished birds all in one contest!

My portrait of this Plymouth Rock seems to show up all over the place... at times, they don't credit me... :(  Plymouth Rock Chickens - Google Search

Plymouth Rock, often called simply Rocks or Barred Rocks (after their most popular color), is a chicken breed that originated in the United States.