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Balinese ladies bringing offerings to the Hindu temple. Driving around Bali on festival days is serious eye candy.

Who'd have thought dirt would be so much fun? :-)

pure joy and happiness. Looks like if children in the depressing slums of Manila can still play and smile and laugh. Be HAPPY !

Amber & Gold -Tibet

thisbeadifulworld: vesivett: Sichuan Khampa (via miss-mary-quite-contrary) She is a true beauty.this Tibetian woman…


78 Traditional Costumes from around the World ...

Faces of Mongolia. The traditional headwear of Mongolian ethnic group from Ordos. Displayed during a cultural festival in Hohhot, capital of north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Kurdish women dressed for a traditional dance

78 Traditional Costumes from around the World ...

Kurdish Dancers::Kurds are native to the Middle East mostly inhabiting a region known as Kurdistan, which includes adjacent parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey.

This photo is to sad she must be so hungry.... My heart breaks her for...

Hungry Girl by Heidi yang, via If it was up to me, no child in this whole world ever be hungry again.


Natural Hamar women, Ethiopia - postcard image from work of Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher in a study of the women of the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia and the surrounding countries

Creative: A young woman laughs as she shows off her elaborate hairstyle made from a mixtur...

The Ethiopian women who create elaborate hairdos using old BOTTLE TOPS

the Daasanach people collect coke and beer caps in their local bars and make wigs out of them! she's beautiful and she looks happy in this photo.

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I found this doing research for my World Food Prize essay! Mongolia all the way! Mongolian child and Yak calf - David Edwards

Children Perù

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These traditional native clothing are mesmerizing, from the jewelry down to the footwear

Hamer people, Ethiopia [Oh yeah? Well my auntie made my dress and I am totally spectacular. Oh and btw, I'm going Amurrica to play ball with the Phoenix Mercury.