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Gray Paint filly.  What will she look like when the gray turns white?

This horse is a paint/pinto (once again pretty much meaning the same thing). Notice the facial markings, you could almost call it a bald face, but in this case you would call it skewbald or piebald. The color, besides being a paint, is a dun.


I love horses and have never been horse back riding. I did a book report on horses when I was in elementary school and have loved horses ever since.

Lovely horse

Gorgeous Black and white Paint Horse. I love the little bit of black on the white face.

Some chocolate...as in Palomino. I don't ask for much.

St Clarins The world's premier silver dapple stallion. He is literally used as the textbook example of what a silver dapple should be in 'Equine Colour Gentics' (D.

Gorgeous Red Roan Stallion-- more of a bay roan or grullo? wouldnt red roan have a more sorrel or chestnut as a base hue?

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American P Lh it jaint Horse western quarter paint horse paint pinto horse Indian pony solid tovero overo frame sabino tobiano rabicano

Mare and foal nuzzling. They look so much alike it is hard to see where Mom's face ends and baby's face begins. Adorable.

Foal is mix of 4 Quarters= American Paint Horse, Pinto, Gypsy Vanner, Indian Horse

Image detail for -A Tinker Horse stallion named Muskerro van de Bonte Parels.

A Tinker Horse (known as Gypsy Cob or Gypsy Vanner in the US) stallion named Muskerro van de Bonte Parels.


The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire. This horse loves his family and his friends.

AraAppaloosa, a cross between an Arabian horse and an Appaloosa. As both breeds are noted for endurance and intelligence, the resulting cross is usually able to excel at endurance riding as well as other disciplines performed by either breed.

Purdy little Hancock bred filly and other "uniquely" colored horses in General Discussion (Horse Related) Forum ~ I love Appaloosa coloring on other breeds, like this Arab :)

Gypsy vanner just gourgeous

Taskin - Here is the rare champagne buckskin Gypsy Vanner, Taskin. This Gypsy stallion competes and wins with several championships to his name in Pleasure Driving and Under Saddle events.

Blue roan paint.  LOVE this rare color! Absolutely beautiful!

American Paint Horse… His name is Forest Midnight Comet…he’s a Blue Roan Tobiano APHA stallion…standing 16 hands high with a lot of versatility…flash and color…he’s a World Challenge Champion and a Reserve World Champion. So gorgeous.