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Medicine of the mind :)

Feel the beat like the one in your heart & let the rest pass thru ur soul. Listen to new & old happy playful & cold. You never know what next beat lyric might ease your worries & feed your soul lead you to achieve your goals

When I get a piano I'm doing this. For sure.   Piano…  ∞Posted on January 17, 2012  Reblogged from: ~Sensuelle's Picture Book~  Source: myfotolog  Notes: 174 notes

I love my black and white keys, but this looks pretty amazing too! Cool idea for a decorative piano. Don't think I'd want to play painted keys.

When your favorite song gives you goosebumps.

quote quotes quoted quotation quotations music is not to hear it is to feel piano keyboard

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Writing Music - don't write music, but the way it flows from a pencil & becomes an awesome part of your life is excellent :-)


♬♪ℳᶷᶳЇḉ♬♪ Collage - 'Dance to the MUSIC in your soul' - Criss.