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I'm trying to do this.

Run Faster Eat Better Sleep Longer Try Harder Aim Higher Love More Day By Day Get Happier And cheers to a new year and new you!

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Another Chance.Every day is a new day, and chance to change or tweak things about yourself! Don't allow your mind and spirit to stay in a funk because you failed yesterday!

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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle The best habit to create is happiness.

10 strength training exercises for women at home without equipment

Your body is not ruined; You're a Goddamn tiger who earned her stripes. (('ve pinned this before, but I'm pinning it again. I love it:: It's so true! I haven't gotten any new stretchmarks *yet* w/ this baby. but I'm sure it won't be long!


Destroy what destroys you! in Northville, MI is a 30 minute full body workout with no class times and a trainer with you every step of the way! The workouts change daily so there is no chance (Minutes Quotes Full Body)

Cry away!

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Donde sea ;)

You don't need 10 pairs of shoes and a full designer wardrobe. Here are my best travel packing tips for solo female travelers.

log off. shut down. go run. motivation-fitness

Each day is for training my body and mind to do the things it's capable of. Every "no" brings me one step closer to my goal.

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Yesterday, you said tomorrow. One of those phrases where all who read it say the same thing, " and tomorrow is today"

You have to work hard - dont keep asking me if you arent willing to put in the work discipline

Don’t complain about things you are not willing to work hard to change.

Just go run

Choose the best workout shoe for you! Believe it or not, there is a shoe for every workout--and a reason for it. Ill-fitting shoes can cause all kinds of foot and joint problems. Stop any fitness issues before they start--with the proper shoe.