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I love that ARMY can make him into memes 24/7

Sadly it is. All the hours of school takes away the time to get to know them better and hear voice gone because I have to get a 'real job'. Guys I being sarcastic



Why did I almost cry, baby they helped me with my depression, fr like 2 hours ago I was in tears crying and then my Spotify started playing dope and i got hyped they have more than enough even having contact with me

They helped me through a period of heartbreak and depression, just with their music and their friendship, they make me believe that there are some things in this world that are just pure and good and inspiring.

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This is gonna be me😭 Why does education in UK have to be so complicated?


Yoongi:Tells jokes Namjoon:Laughs super loud Jungkook:Can u guys shut up I have a soccer game in the morning Jin:Sleeping since he arrived

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