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Exactly. -_-

XD true id be like: Is the floor okay? Because im pretty cracked from getting fell on by Ugly ^-^

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For me it is finding a man that looks as handsome, has as nice a personality and can sing/dance freely (like without a care in the world.

I be like, everyone sit down!

and it happened during a crowded lecture room, the lecture wanted someone to answer and said looking at me 'that girl looking up at the ceiling' and my inner voice was like 'fuck' XD <<< XDD

Relating Moments To Kpop

When the teacher talks about their personal life. Don't really care(as long as it gets me out of learning I'm okay with it)

Reason number 272948272802 as to why Kyungsoo is my bias

Well I can't say this is me cuz I'd be too scared to even raise my hand, I definitely do this in my head.

True.. they say "u and ur chinese boys" and it gets me so mad. Stop assuming everyone with "slit eyes" is Chinese.

This is so true I get so mad when my mom says this 😂 Like whyyyyyy😫


Me and my friends. "Who even is [Enter Mainstream English Singer]?

HAHAH, omg this is soooo relatable and then fangirling all over again

HAHAH, omg this is soooo relatable and then fangirling all over again<<I swear

This happened to me literally last week with Taehyung. x'DDD

This happened to me in class the other day, and she was like you got a Chinese boyfriend, and I looked at her with a bitch face and said, "He's Korean.