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Etsy brings back clothespin dolls one adorable pop culture character at a time

I want him to come live with me - what a happy little clothespin! Bob Ross Clothespin Doll happy little clouds

Remember Bob Ross?!?  Love this - I wonder if one could buy this as a kit!  ROFLOL!!

bob ross lego man :D .I always loved Bob Ross and his "happy little clouds"!


The great Bob Ross, ladies and gentlemen…

Funny pictures about Bob Ross' Words Of Wisdom. Oh, and cool pics about Bob Ross' Words Of Wisdom. Also, Bob Ross' Words Of Wisdom photos.

The awkward moment when you go to a museum and you see yourself

The awkward moment when you see yourself at a museum-You mean that awesome moment

finger people

Rise of the Finger Ninja! Someone has way too much time on their hands.or is that fingers?

Unfortunate Mugshot Shirts…

Unfortunate Mugshot Shirts…

Funny pictures about Unfortunate Mugshot Shirts. Oh, and cool pics about Unfortunate Mugshot Shirts. Also, Unfortunate Mugshot Shirts.


I'm allergic to wasp stings so this would probably be my reaction, too.

How many times I gotta tell you... DINNER'S READY!!! | Flickr - Photo Sharing!--Sometimes I feel like this!

T-Rex in white lace apron, kitchen cooking baking bread, mother mom's mama TREX dinosaurs Why is this funny to me

Have a beautiful little day! // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

Have a beautiful little day! // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - I loved watching him as a kid & then learning to paint happy trees

golden girls sophia petrillo costume!  haha

This little lady is Sophia from the Golden Girls. We had no recollection of the Golden Girls when we named our baby Sophia but this is a great Halloween costume

Turn toaster sideways, get grilled cheese. I do this but i never thought to turn the toaster sideways.

Dog people and cat people agree on bird people. so true

That’s not Bob Ross?

That’s not Bob Ross?

"Stuff Being Thrown at My Head," by Latvian photographer Kaija Straumanis

Funny pictures about Inconvenient Photography Project. Oh, and cool pics about Inconvenient Photography Project. Also, Inconvenient Photography Project photos.

I totally need to find the person at work who hangs the toilet paper the wrong way & give them this!

Biggest pet peeve is when the toilet paper is facing the wrong way! Finally someone understands me!

Bob Ross. I love watching this guy! lol

Bob Ross: Keep calm and paint happy trees!