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Siberian Husky family waiting patiently for breakfast. ♡

Siberian Husky family waiting patiently for breakfast. ♡<<<< I can tell you this, Huskies waiting for food are never patient! Oh god no they act like you are Satan holding there food hostage and they will get it by all means necessary

Husky Malamute, brown

The Red Alaskan Malamute can sometimes looks very similar to a wolf. They are great household pets. Check out some different pictures of the red malamute.

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An amazingly beautiful Husky. ♥ - One brown eye & One blue eye like my Chow/Black Lab/Husky mix Bear.

Feeling it very deeply that all animals have feelings and emotions and must be treated with loving kindness. All of them, all the time.

'Don't worry we will get big soon to pull the sledge' - Three Husky Puppies in…