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Breed Chart: Horses

Horse breeds: The falabella ponies are the smallest know to man, reaching to only about 3 ft. Tall when fully grown! Pony of the Americans is a awesome horse for kids. They have a perfect slope in their backs so it's easy to stay on, even bareback.

The American Quarter Horse...beauty!

Absolutely the best breed, the American Quarter Horse! I have owned two and they were both awesome horses. I love his muscling!

This picture is so beatiful,I love the becgroun,I love the horse and the leavs.:-D

Beautiful red chestnut horse running through the Autumn forest with leaves falling and sun shining through. Such a pretty horse picture!


With the "Blanket" Colouring.Being that it looks like a white spotted blanket on the hind quarters.

Un pura sangre árabe... [caballo]                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

El caballo árabe y sus cualidades

Dunbar's Gold - brindle

Dunbar's Gold is a very rare Brindle color. While common in dog breeds like Greyhounds and Pitbulls, brindle is rarely seen in horses. Dunbars Gold is a registered American Quarter Horse stallion. Possible Chimera?

'Mother's True Love' - photo by Kerry Cogburn, on AQHA Journal, via Flickr;  This is the American Quarter Horse mare 'Electric Evangelena' and her first foal.

Quarter Horse mare Electric Evangelena and her first foal - 'Mother's True Love' by Kelly Cogburn