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Updated picture of Estrella. She is a wild buckskin mustang. She has one foal, Courage.  Hope is also like a daughter to her. She is a LEAD MARE. She has never let a man break her. She is together with Roary. Stallions everywhere dream of catching this young beauty. She is the promise of hope the the herd.

This is Estrella. The leader of the Wild Mountain Herd. She is smart, Beautiful, Strong and a fierce competitor. She is Mates with Roary. She is a natural born leader.

"cover of the 2011 Pride Of Poland Auction catalogue - Stuart Vesty" awwww! how perfect!

Proud Mom, beautiful baby...

Stonehaven's Lady Maizy and her foal my little Lady.shes almost 3 now and about 13 hands.

Black beauty

Glad im my mothers daughter. Love the black. mom started out with black next horse will be black :) Love my momma:))

Thoroughbred 1 by Gerald Marella

Thoroughbred 1 by Gerald Marella. Thoroughbreds are one of my favorite breeds. Ive always loved horse racin'

Tennessee Walking Horses - CLOUD 9 WALKERS (Tennessee Walking Horse Mare))

Name: Robin. Mate/Foal: None. Loves to Do: Dreaming of being a Leader. (Up For RP)