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Mammoths of the Ice Age

Mammoths of the Ice Age


Scene from the BBC documentary Woolly Mammoth: Secrets from the Ice presented by Alice Roberts

A European cave bear and its cub

Ice Age Giants: BBC2 documentary brings giants of the Ice Age back to life

The Woolly Mammoth Is A Close Relative Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Charles R…

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Columbian Mammoth And Sabertoothed Cats by Spencer Sutton

Illustration showing a Columbian mammoth (Mammuthus columbi) fighting off a group of saber-toothed cats. Both animals lived during the Pleistocene Epoch, although saber-toothed cats date back to the Eocene.

Wooly Mammoth

During the last great Ice Age, Siberia was roamed by huge herds of woolly mammoths

big_saber-tooth-tiger-wall-paint.jpg (717×815)

"Smilodon attacking Mammoth" © Phil Wilson - watercolor using airbrush

Mammoths by Deskridge

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Mammoths from the Ice Age, 1969