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We plan.  We grt there.  All hell breaks loose

We plan, we get there, all hell breaks loose - This speech from the movie made me laugh because it's so very true!

Harry Potter

This hit me real hard. Right in the feels. It's also just like Ouran High School Host Club with the Hitachiin twins, Hikaru and Kaoru, and Haruhi telling them apart when no one else could.

Evolution of Harry Potter

evolution of WB logo for harry potter Funny How I spotted this right away and everyone thought I was mad. Also, the sky's get darker at every movie

I.*wheeze.. can't ..*wheeze* .. breath...*dies*

In another life, Severus Snape and James Potter could have been the best of bros. View "The Secret Reason Why No One Ever Asked Out Lily Potter" and more funny posts on Dorkly

Pretty much...

I love how Hermione and Ginny are best friends like she's Hermione's only GIRL friend and they're very similar people so they get along really well and it's just so cute.

Haha I love this. Oh harry “well it does match your eyes”

Harry would never make fun of his friend like that though. He reserves his sass for those who deserve it. Ron feels insecure enough about the robes in the book. That said this scene is hilarious in the movie. But it wouldn't work in the book << Very true.

New lucky charms are here!!!

New lucky charms are here!!!