The best part is that she's a phan!!!

Top: Tabitha Casper (aka T-Bag in Dan and Phil language) Middle: Dil Howlter Bottom: Eliza Pancakes (aka Dil's stalker)

I almost cried---i did cry

Phil doesn't get enough credit for how amazing he really is. People don't usually realize that without Phil, there would be no Dan<<<yep, he is just too amazing<<<< he's amazing.<<<<<my superheros dont wesr capes they wear cat whiskers

Phil Lester<3

Why do we make fun of Dan? I mean sure, heart eyes Howell is the best, but look at Phil. Live eyes Lester should have the same amount of popularity.

Daniel Howell & AmazingPhil

Precious little Phil we need to love him and protect him ❤️<<<he's too precious for this world<<<he's not just Phil he's AmazingPhil and he saved so many goddamn lives bless his soul smol bean I'm crafting ♥️♥️♥️

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He could teach college courses on the subject if he wanted to >> Why do you think the "I'll give u my editing tips" joke exists mate

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