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Riley’s striped top and red skirt with front buttons on Girl Meets World. Outfit Details: https://wornontv.net/58118/ #GirlMeetsWorld

Riley’s striped top and red skirt with front buttons on Girl Meets World

#GirlMeetsWorld 3x03 "Girl Meets Jexica" - Maya and Riley

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"Girl Meets Jexica" - Riley creates an online alter-ego, Jexica, when she doesn’t feel confident that her new high school classmates will like the real her

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I'm so sad if u didn't know gmw got cancelled this week I loved this show it taught me all about life and because of it I know more about the world than my fiends. I feel I have learnt more from gmw than I have in school. But let's savour what we have left 2 amazing gr8 episodes coming. Let's savour those moments with Riley and Maya Riley and Lucas or whoever u ship. Just always remember one of the first lessons we were taught was When Your Ready Take On The World ❤️

I miss gmw I loved the world meets girl episode were fans peek behind the scenes💚 I wish it never ended

girl meets world cast nov 3 2013 Video: Girl Meets World Kids Singing Demi Lovatos Heart Attack

Video: “Girl Meets World” Kids Singing Demi Lovato’s “Heart Attack”

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