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I think the half-blood one should be haven't watched all the movies but has reads all the books

My friend is a muggle born and I am a half blood but read all books and watched some movies but working my way up to pure blood

Haha oh Ron

This may be one of my favorite Harry Potter moments. (In the movies anyways. The books have better ones.

Seriously I would never complain about it!

Funny pictures about I would gladly trade places with them. Oh, and cool pics about I would gladly trade places with them. Also, I would gladly trade places with them.

Sometimes I realize Hermione and I are the same person...

Hermione Granger's notable lines. It's hard to be a smart girl surrounded by Gryffindors.<<<<<Hermione Granger ladies and gentlemen XD

Harry potter

The last pinner said "It takes a hero to break a promise" Reality check: when I read about Dobby's death in the books, apparently I cry the same way each time. my hubby even has a name for it: the Dobby Sob. I cry "the Dobby sob"