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Printable Martin Luther King, Jr

Printable Martin Luther King, Jr. Word Search Puzzle - FREE!

Word searches can develop visual discrimination, figure-ground, and closure.

Here's a fun easy kids word search for young sports lovers out there! Description of the sports easy kids word search: This kid's word search is basic, with words that go across or down and

Completely free printable worksheets, website for multiple grades/subjects.

Teach Your Child to Read - Completely free printable worksheets, website for multiple grades/subjects.: - Give Your Child a Head Start, and.Pave the Way for a Bright, Successful Future.

32 Spelling Task Cards. Activities include Rainbow Writing, Alphabetical Order, Sentence Writing, Pyramid Words, Hidden Words, Vanishing Words, Syllable Sorter, Vowel Finder, Rhyming Time, Word Chooser, Draw Your Words, Word Scrambler, Word Search, Word Meanings, Story Time, Acrostic Poem, Spelling Hangman, Magazine Search, Smaller Words, Cool Words, Triple Words, Synonyms, Stamp Words, Backward Words, Backward Alphabet, Magnetic Words, Letter Colors, Bubble Letters, Comic Strip.

Spelling Task Cards - ANY LIST

Make spelling fun again with these 32 task cards! So many activities including Rainbow Writing, Alpha Order, Hidden and Vanishing Words. A mix of classic activities and creative ideas to engage the kiddos!

Puzzle maker! Makes puzzles for you. All you have to do is give the words! :)

Discovery Education's PUZZLEMAKER provides teachers, students and parents with the tools necessary to create crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, mazes, cryptograms and more.