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Monotrace+France.jpg 600×435 ピクセル

Cars Coei hao: Monotracer,The Future Motorcycle.I would definitely try to ride this!

Autos de alta gama - Taringa!

Autos de alta gama

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 2012 has a carbon fibre body with a supercharged engine. This is the same cylinder block as featured in AMG and the AMG, though modified to give PS; 617 bhp) 575 ft·lbs of torque. The SLR has a maximum speed mph.

BEAUTIFUL Blue #Audi RS6 in a BEAUTIFUL location!

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ヘネシーの新型モデル「ヴェノム F5」は最高出力1400馬力! 最高速度290mph(約466km/h)を目指す

ヘネシーの新型モデル「ヴェノム F5」は最高出力1400馬力! 最高速度290mph(約466km/h)を目指す - 拡大写真

Earlier this year, the ultra-powerful, Lotus-based Hennessey Venom GT set an unofficial world speed record of mph. John Hennessey is now busy preparing an even more powerful Venom to set a new record.

4200 Cambiocorsa~

Dubbed the 4200 Evo Dynamic Trident, tuning company G&S Exclusive in Albstadt Germany has presented their tuning program for the Maserati 4200 GT Cambiocorsa (aka Maserati Coupe).

アルファ・ロメオ 8C Competizione

Alpha Romeo Competizione, only 500 expensive but dear god this thing is pure sex and drop dead gorgeous. Only 500 produced world wide and 84 imported to the states. Its one of my all time favorite cars period.




BEST WEEKEND CAR: Bentley-Continental-GT // Fulfill all your luxury and sport car needs in one luxurious package. Its name brand allows you additional status while comfort and power are par de course for the GT Cars Share and enjoy!

Noble M600

The 2012 Noble My absolute favorite car. Noble Gotta love a car with no traction control, no stability control, no ABS and no confirmed top speed but has gone 215 mph!