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Last week I attempted to ‘frost’ some oak branches. They looked . . . alright. Just alright, though. I’m classifying them as Not Very “PIN-teresting”. (If you’re on Pinterest, you get it.) I have a couple more NVP’s coming up too. Not terrible. Just not what I had anticipated. I’ll keep working on those other …

Frosted Branches – The Right Way This Time

How to Frost Branches . After failing the first time, I made a few changes and these came out beautifully.

I love this Swedish tradition of putting up Easter branches decorated with feathers in many colors. Wow.

Swedish Easter Traditions, Leg of Lamb and Gravy “Påsk”

These are cool, and easy to make, I think..  lol  Natural Birch Branches with Glitter & Snow 3-4' tall (5 branches)

Glass Glitter, Ice, Snow, Mica

Natural Birch Branches with Glitter & Snow tall 5 branches . 5 branches natural birch branches with faux snow and glitter range f.

Cool White Battery Operated LED Lighted 39" Snow Branches (set of two branches) $12

LED Lighted Snow Covered Branches Battery Operated 40 LED Lights

These are beautiful outdoor lanterns    1.  take a bucket and fill it with water  2.  add holly leaves, olive branches...whatever you like  3.  take a smaller bucket and put it inside with a rock or something to hold it in place  4.  take it outside to freeze the ice  5.  pull the buckets apart and put a candle inside

make ice bowls with floating candles inside. as the cup melts, the candle will float? or just line the snow walkway outside with ice candle cups


a little BIRDie and flowers blue pink tail by emiliefriday on Etsy

gardener art, indoor gardener, gardener party, gardener plans  #animals #goat #sheep #dogs #cats #elephant #turtle #pets

gardener art, indoor gardener, gardener party, gardener plans #animals #goat #sheep #dogs #cats #elephant #turtle #pets