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How to Create a Fairy Garden

Tattoo of a fairy sitting on the moon tattoos

Tattoo of a fairy sitting on the moon, kind of like my idea. Only missing a lot of other things. Hmmm also thinking about placement.


Moon tattoos are a popular tattoo choice for many. Learn about moon tattoos, moon tattoo designs, moon tattoo meanings, moon tattoo ideas, and view tattoo designs.

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Fairy Tattoo Designs

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Fairy by Johannes Mueller

Image detail for -Fairy Wallpaper - Fairies Wallpaper - Fanpop fanclubs.

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Faerie : from the Latin term for "fate" (fata), faeries (or fairies) are a "host of supernatural beings and spirits who occupy a limbo betw.

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Fairy Magic Wish Royalty Free Stock Vector Art Illustration Lauren Burke Hey Hey Designs

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So my friend JerzeeGirl did this interesting Faery for a friend as a tattoo; Faery Tattoo by *Jerzee-Girl on deviantART and I liked the piece alot and felt all inspired and decided to have a go at .