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pugliepug: “ HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE °˖ ✧ ∠(◉♔◉U 」∠)_ ✧ ˖ ° Halloween’s this Friday, and Puglie’s all too ready to dress up ;] ” Throwback to all the spoopy classic costumes Puglie had last year What will the Halloween theme be this year?

pugliepug:  W҉ęlटΦɱę ƮΦ gЯǞviƮყ F҉Ǟlls Who’s... | Fuck Yeah Gravity Falls!

pugliepug: W҉ęlटΦɱę ƮΦ gЯǞviƮყ F҉Ǟlls Who’s. - Sorrow Structured Into Sound