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When we have a deep spiritual experience we come together and are touched by peace, which leave us a calm mind, a gentle heart and humbled spirit. Inner peace develops when we bring our spiritual experiences into our daily lives.

Jkmu Rugan

If you want the Moon ~ Do not hide at night ~ If you want a Rose ~ Do not run from the thorns ~ If you want Love ~ Do not hide from yourself ~❤~ Rumi

There is a life in you, search that life, Search the secret jewel in the mountain of your body, Hey you, the passing away friend, look for with all your strength, Whatever you are looking for, look in yourself not around.

Oh my heart, don’t become discouraged so easily. Have faith. In the hidden world, there are many mysteries, many wonders. Even if the whole planet threatens you with your life.

Rumi Uploaded by  Mona A Raouf

Rumi Uploaded by Mona A Raouf