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Image result for are dave and karkat canon

Why is Karkat playing a cute little xylophone omg// To commemorate the hemovariety of his noble race, silly. // DO NOT START, KANKRI.

i was not expecting that... gosh, that threw me off. :) haha gamkar i loves them

I would love to be moirails with him he would be like my bro and we would do all of the cool miracles. I'd love for Gamzee to be my moirail!

Tags: Anime, Camera, Laughing, Homestuck, Karkat Vantas, John Egbert, Jin-nyeh. Did I pin this yet? It doesn't seem to warn me........

Anime Karkat and John.Optimus prime is currently exploding from cuteness.

A Homestuck Christmas>>>I don't care if I've pinned this already it's just too hilarious>>>omg Cronus looks so done

A Very Homestuck Christmas.<< Look up [Homestuck] Christmas Carol, the part two is Karkat singing his version and its too funny