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Things to NEVER say to an artist.

Things to NEVER say to an artist. This is so accurate. Should include: "Can you draw this [character] for me?" "Do you draw anime?" "Ooh, is that." and "Did you draw that from sketch or from references?" I'm an artist this really bothers me

University Life

Reading a book…

Funny pictures about Reading a book. Oh, and cool pics about Reading a book. Also, Reading a book.

used to do this all the time hahaha...ahh childhood haha

H I am a doctor. totally did this as a kid Pencil Mechanical Eh? H I am a doctor totally did this as kid

And then I'll go a day without it, and then freak out and repeat the process. Over and over and over.  I've done this with so many Les Mis songs it's not even funny :D

My relationship with new music…

Hey, this song is pretty cool! I must play it until I hate it =). - that's story of my life :-D

Lol that's me I'm just to short

funny rage comic me gusta ballerina<<This is even funnier because I do ballet


I shall now type the spider pig theme song. Does whatever a spider pig does. Can he swing From a thread? No he can't he's a pig. He there, Here comes the spider pig!

Why I love big ass purses

Why I love big-ass purses.

Candy in the purse funny memes candy soda meme funny quote funny quotes humor humor quotes kit kat funny pictures

definitely me

Hahaha This is me pretty much every night before I go to bed! The word lazy definitely comes to mind!

I have the same problem with writing sometimes...

When I try drawing...

Funny pictures about Drawing Expectations Vs. Oh, and cool pics about Drawing Expectations Vs. Also, Drawing Expectations Vs.

SERIOUSLY!! why?! lol

Taking notes in class funny meme - is it just me or does it ruin your life when underling skills fail? My dang OCD MANNNN.

Then and now...

This is why we write them. :) Mail then and now. So funny! Getting letters and cards through snail mail when he is on deployment is so much better than e-mails. Although I still need his e-mail every day.


Funny pictures about How my brain works. Oh, and cool pics about How my brain works. Also, How my brain works.

how sleep really works. Lol for real! Till it catches up with you!

Funny pictures about Hours of sleep. Oh, and cool pics about Hours of sleep. Also, Hours of sleep photos.

HAHAHA i did this so much while learning how to swim.

And once I tried and I accidentally hit this guy on my swim team in the face. Then a couple days later he was trying to stand on it and it came back and hit me in the face.