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My first ever mobile phone!

Nokia Apple Phonecase Cover For Iphone SE CaseThis case mate is not only phone accessories which cover your device, but also gives a cool and sexy st

Nokia 3210, sólo recuerdo que este móvil lo cambie por el Nokia 3310 al ver a un amigo que lo tenía y por lo pequeño que era... Y ahora cada día quiero el móvil más grande!!!!  Como cambian los tiempos...

Awesome Phones Before Smartphones - Nokia 3210 10 “Awesome” Phones Before “Smartphones” Were Cool

Nokia 6610i (2004)

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Nokia NM502i (2000)

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Nokia - my first cell phone

if you had a cell phone it was really just a cordless phone that you could play snake on Me: This is almost (or actually) identical to my first cellphone . but I never played this "snake" people refer to .

Cell phone evolution

Vintage Nokias: my first phone was the Nokia 5110 the standard in cool with interchangeable faceplates and sweet polyphonic ringtones. Ah, memories!

Nokia 3310: celular branco bastante popular no início dos anos 2000. Super resistente - "inquebrável", com figurinhas fofas e o famoso Jogo da Cobrinha.

One of the most famous and classic mobile phones ever made - the Nokia 3310

Nokia 3210

Nokia 3210 - the best designed and most practical gsm cellphone ever

Nokia 5110 sen neydin be abisi

1998 - Nokia 5110 (first mobile phone I ever owned)

Nokia 3310 this was the first cell phone I owned. I loved changing plates and even the key pads! Also everyone played snake