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I'm mad because I didn't get my good morning hug jack . " kisses jack on the cheek " . A roleplayer are we?

#wattpad #kinh-d Welcome to Creepypasta' world!!!!!!!!!!

Động Creepypasta - Laughing Jack

#wattpad #kinh-d Welcome to Creepypasta' world!!!!!!!!!!

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Eyeless Jack + Jeff the Killer = Eyeless Jeff sounds about right! love you eyeless jeff!

I know this is Marble Hornets but I'm pinning it on my creepypasta board because I don't know where else to put it

I've watched this marble hornets entry and so now i feel rlly accomplished with myself

Creepypasta Café //PL tłumaczenie

GUYS. ITS MY FIRST PIN MUAHAHA. Rlly cute Toby n BEN, not my art tho (bc I suck…

from the story Imágenes yaoi ewe by Angela_Drowned with reads.

Well, this isn't fair guys XD I present to you master-at-knives Jeff XD

Creepypasta Knife Game By >>> I seriously want to know the story behind this. xD Also, LJ's awkward knife-handling FTW.

Fandom hug. Pass it on.

Fandom hug pass it on All of you Creepypasta fans who were here from the beginning and never left.