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'Why does Raven-Symoné always look like she knows something about you?'

18 Weird AF Questions You Won't Be Able To Answer


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Bring my childhood back //Kat

prndl, suitelifeofzackandcody, mosby, suitelife, daughter>> Holy crap his daughter's gorgeous.

Jacob Sartorius memes sweatshirt memes

In sure she's wearing makeup, she's not wearing sweatpants and her hair obviously not tied up our back!😈😈 she is not the right girl for him in my opinion😇

Awww little Tyreesha grew up

The good ol days! His hair! I like long hair but for guys, that's too long. I wouldn't want your hair like that. XD You'd look weird. And I remember this episode omg

I love this!!

They recently had a mini Suite Life reunion with Mr. Moseby — and it'll melt your heart and make you dream of days when your only responsibility was to come home and binge-watch Disney Channel for six hours straight.

cool Hilarious Kids That Are Too Funny And Cute ! (18+ Pictures)

Hilarious Kids That Are Too Funny And Cute ! (18+ Pictures)

cool Hilarious Kids That Are Too Funny And Cute ! (18+ Pictures)

Trick question.. It IS the greatest insult

Watched this movie the other day (I have no idea why) and laughed so hard at this part. Because the evil queen had a mirror and sharpay was a little evil😂

Pinterest @K.A.T.H.E.R.I.N.E

I have it and I'm watching all the seasons of Suite life of Zack and Cody! They started rerunning it!

This happens to me almost every time... They must love my hair....

what my hairdresser thinks 1 inch is

And it's all fricky fricky fricky fresh!! Word B)

Ahhhh, the old Disney. Now just one taste will drive you BAZURKEY Cheese jerky! Say What! Say What! And its all Freaky Freaky Freaky Fresh!